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Primary, Miami presents a group exhibition titled ‘The Motion of Movements’, through June 24, 2017.

The exhibition showcases new works by Carlos Betancourt, Ronald Moran, Deon Rubi, Ben Pederson, Wade Schaming, Gavin Perry, Manny Prieres, and Keenen/Riley. Through an ongoing series of internal conversations at the gallery, the nature of movement(s) is once again explored. English documentarian Adam Curtis sums up our age as having “retreated – possibly into culture – but also into a never-never land where everything has been emotionalized, rather than confronting issues of power.” With a revived fascination for various forms of balance and movement(s) – creatively, socially, and politically – these works consider the tipping point and challenge the idea of movement(s) or the lack there of. True to form, movement(s) will continue to fluctuate, through the rejection of logic and reason, in the name of artistic expression, responding to inequality, in an effort to advance a power struggle, regardless of its nobility.

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