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Words by Neil Vasquez Ever since he graduated from New World School of the Arts, Magnus Sodamin has kept himself pretty busy. His first show, “Into The Rainbow Vein,” opened to rave reviews, he started a year long residency at the Deering Estate, and last Thursday he premiered the latest installment in his oeuvre: Infinity Split. The work is a […]

Words by Anne Tschida There are many sensory and cerebral aspects to the fascinating group show at Primary Projects, called “International Friendship Exhibition.” First off, what about that name? What about that burning smell? And the electrical sound of the mechanized chair moving up and down the wall? In this eclectic exhibit of mostly local […]

Words by Shelly Davidov Known as a venue friendly to local artists, Primary Projects doesn’t disappoint with its Art Basel gathering of Miami creatives. The “International Friendship Exhibition”, a group show of 19 artists, including Autumn Casey, Jim Drain, Gavin Perry, Asif Farooq, Magnus Sodamin, Cole Sternberg, Cody Hudson, and Michael Vasquez, is titled in reference to […]

International Friendship Exhibition | Opening Reception – Wednesday, December 3, 2014 | 5 PM “For as opposed to it, identity is only the determination of the simple immediate, of dead Being; while contradiction is the root of all movement and life; only insofar as it has a contradiction in itself does anything move…” – Georg Wilhelm […]

Words by Dennys Matos Hay ciertas prácticas artísticas contemporáneas cuyo discurso recurre al mundo de la intimidad de manera retroactiva. En otras palabras, se trata de urgar en la infancia, en la adolescencia para buscar imágenes y objetos del pasado con un valor sentimental y afectivo para, en el presente, reencontrar las emociones y sentimientos […]

Words by Hunter Braithwaite Agalma begins near the end. In the project gallery, a video called “Elysian Fields” features an elderly woman siting in a chair in the middle of a field, shoulders bare, flowers in her close-cropped hair, singing to Frank Sinatra. She is the artist’s grandmother: former showgirl, current Alzheimer’s patient. Nowadays, she’s only truly […]

words by : Ciara LaVelle The spirit of Churchill’s Pub’s past is alive at PRIMARY. A taxidermied billfish, hung high on the first wall crowds will encounter when “Agalma” opens this Saturday, recalls artist Autumn Casey’s six years behind the bar at the legendary Miami dive. As the bar prepared to change ownership, Casey recalls, “everybody […]

Words by Shana Beth Mason Contemporary cultural enthusiasts are likely aware of ‘Southern Gothic’ as a genre pertaining to literature and film, but what about visual art? How may the inherent dysfunctions, eccentricities, and sharply geopolitical dynamics of the American South be communicated in a gallery or institutional space? Miami-based multidisciplinary artist Christina Pettersson answers […]

Words by Hunter Braithwaite The gallery has three drawings, with the largest, “The Terrible Knowing & Not Knowing” stretching across four sheets of paper to form a composition thirteen feet high and twenty-eight feet wide. It’s as large as a Hollywood backdrop. Think Gone with the Wind, Tara in flames. Tomorrow is another day. Except it’s […]