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Neon fluorescent lights, mirrors, fiberglass, embroidery, and motion pictures are some of the medium employed by the artists included in the 10 th Annual Aesthetics and Values 2016 exhibition. The works selected by the student curators will explore connections between the past and the present, engage in the virtual and physical world and explore the relationship between objects, space and […]

Kenton Parker’s work is about setting a stage for innocence, for steadfast friendship, for sharing and helping, for letting go and moving on. His tributes to friendship and first love take place in modestly scaled vernacular structures—a flower shop, a tree-house, a tool shed. In these structures, re-created in the gallery, Parker channels every child’s escapist fantasy […]

“Tropic House” “The myth of “Tropicality” is much more than parrots and banana trees: it is the consciousness of not being conditioned by established structures, hence highly revolutionary in its entirety. Any conformity, be it social, intellectual, or existential, is contrary to its principle idea.” – Hélio Oiticica Los Angeles (February 18, 2016) – Primary […]

Words by Liz Tracy  |  Photo by Monica McGivern As a young kid growing up in Darien, Connecticut, not far from New York City, Magnus Sodamin found his first artistic inspiration in places that highlighted nature against the backdrop of an urban environment. To fuel his imagination, he would visit the Museum of Natural History […]

Wanted to congratulate Magnus Sodamin on his magical cover for Miami Magazine / Modern Luxury. A huge thank you to Editor-in-Chief Luis R. Rigual for the opportunity and assembling an amazing layout with Sodamin’s artwork. We are all on cloud nine. Also, an extra thank you to Zachary Balber who photographed this installation shot from […]

Magnus Sodamin’s Calm Before the Sun Miami (November 18, 2015) –PRIMARY is pleased to announce Calm Before the Sun, the latest solo exhibition of Magnus Sodamin on view at Wynwood Walls in partnership with Goldman Properties. The exhibition opens with a private preview Friday, November 27, 2015 from 7 – 9 pm (rsvp@thisisprimary.com) and a […]

“UNFINISHED GEM: INTRINSIC BEAUTY” Opening Reception: Thursday, October 15, 6 – 10 PM Exhibition Duration: October 15 – November 7, 2015 Miami (October 1, 2015) – PRIMARY is pleased to announce Karen Starosta-Gilinski’s solo exhibition Unfinished Gem: Intrinsic Beauty. Comprising numerous pedestal and wall units displaying ready-made and forgotten objects, this is the Miami-based artist’s first solo […]