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Words by Nate Rabner  |  Photo by Monica McGivern Two walls of windows make Primary Projects’ new Design District gallery feel a little like a storefront, blending into the rows of furniture stores around it. But this is a showroom from another dimension. Monoliths clad in carpet swatches, glass, and flowers sprout from the floor […]

Words by John Thomason The strongest compliment I can pay to Kenton Parker’s exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is that I forgot, if only for a few fleeting moments, that I was standing in an art museum. Parker specializes in walkable human-sized structures—experiential art projects that invite visitors inside. In spite of […]

Neon fluorescent lights, mirrors, fiberglass, embroidery, and motion pictures are some of the medium employed by the artists included in the 10 th Annual Aesthetics and Values 2016 exhibition. The works selected by the student curators will explore connections between the past and the present, engage in the virtual and physical world and explore the relationship between objects, space and […]

Kenton Parker’s work is about setting a stage for innocence, for steadfast friendship, for sharing and helping, for letting go and moving on. His tributes to friendship and first love take place in modestly scaled vernacular structures—a flower shop, a tree-house, a tool shed. In these structures, re-created in the gallery, Parker channels every child’s escapist fantasy […]

“Tropic House” “The myth of “Tropicality” is much more than parrots and banana trees: it is the consciousness of not being conditioned by established structures, hence highly revolutionary in its entirety. Any conformity, be it social, intellectual, or existential, is contrary to its principle idea.” – Hélio Oiticica Los Angeles (February 18, 2016) – Primary […]