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Words by John Thomason The strongest compliment I can pay to Kenton Parker’s exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is that I forgot, if only for a few fleeting moments, that I was standing in an art museum. Parker specializes in walkable human-sized structures—experiential art projects that invite visitors inside. In spite of […]

Words by Phillip Valys For Kenton Parker, love means having to say you’re sorry with 16 bouquets of fake flowers. There they sit in potted plants – faux drooping tulips and full-bloom orchids – inside Parker’s flower stand, where the artist has woven romance and apologies to all the ex-girlfriends he’s ever loved and devastated. […]

Kenton Parker’s work is about setting a stage for innocence, for steadfast friendship, for sharing and helping, for letting go and moving on. His tributes to friendship and first love take place in modestly scaled vernacular structures—a flower shop, a tree-house, a tool shed. In these structures, re-created in the gallery, Parker channels every child’s escapist fantasy […]

“Tropic House” “The myth of “Tropicality” is much more than parrots and banana trees: it is the consciousness of not being conditioned by established structures, hence highly revolutionary in its entirety. Any conformity, be it social, intellectual, or existential, is contrary to its principle idea.” – Hélio Oiticica Los Angeles (February 18, 2016) – Primary […]

Curator Fawn Rogers invited 52 California artists to represent produce currently farmed in California as works of art on a deck of oversized playing cards through their own interpretations knowing water would be represented on the joker cards. The artists represent a wide ranging spectrum from very established to outsider. Some of the artists included are […]

Words by Kristen Osborne-Bartucca While it would not be incorrect to say that Kenton Parker’s work primarily deals with nature, it would be rather misleading. There are no polite painted landscapes or photographs of waterfalls or mountain ranges. Cement, cars and trash are just as common as flowers and trees. Works that reference the natural […]

Words by Maxwell Williams Kenton Parker’s new show “By Any Means Necessary” at CES Gallery, is a perfect mix of whimsy and versatility. The artist has taken on numerous materials and formats to get his point across. A series of abstract landscapes inspired by Joshua Tree bring to mind impossibly pretty vistas, setting the tone with their […]

Pleased to announce that we have joined the Artsy community. Please take a moment to follow us on the super solid platform. Great place to see what artworks are currently available from our represented artists. Keep checking back for newly listed works from our represented list and artists from our extended stable. Good Times. FOLLOW US […]

By Any Means Necessary November 7, 2015 – December 31, 2015 Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7, 2015 | 7 – 9pm CES Gallery is pleased to present By Any Means Necessary, Kenton Parker’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Parker’s work addresses issues of self-improvement, beauty, and masculinity, expressing rebellion against societal pressures to be perfect or successful, […]