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Please join us on Friday, ​August 11th from 7pm – 10pm for MOBILIZE!, an exhibition and silent auction of curated protest signs by local artists.  100% of all proceeds raised at the silent auction will be donated to the ACLU of Florida to defend our civil liberties. Participating artists include Adler Guerrier, Alan Guitierrez, Alessandra Mondolfi, Amanda Keeley, […]

Raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Karen Starosta-Gilinski works in Miami, sculpting art from provocative textures. She holds degrees from Accademia del Giglio in Florence, Italy, and Miami International University of Art & Design, and has exhibited in London and Shanghai, and at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Starosta-Gilinski, who recently showed her work Unfinished […]

“Tropic House” “The myth of “Tropicality” is much more than parrots and banana trees: it is the consciousness of not being conditioned by established structures, hence highly revolutionary in its entirety. Any conformity, be it social, intellectual, or existential, is contrary to its principle idea.” – Hélio Oiticica Los Angeles (February 18, 2016) – Primary […]

Head on over to Paddle8 and Bid on “Pure Red” by Karen Starosta-Gilinski. The proceeds of this auction support the exhibitions and educational programs of the Bass Museum of Art. The museum is currently undergoing renovation but that doesn’t prevent its patrons from holding its annual gala, The Bass Ball and Afterparty, Keep The Ball […]

Pleased to announce that we have joined the Artsy community. Please take a moment to follow us on the super solid platform. Great place to see what artworks are currently available from our represented artists. Keep checking back for newly listed works from our represented list and artists from our extended stable. Good Times. FOLLOW US […]

Words by Dejha Carrington Primary Projects returns to the Design District with Unfinished Gem: Intrinsic Beauty a show by Miami-based artist Karen Starosta-Gilinski, her first solo show with the gallery.  Positively moving in its simplicity, empty glass jars, found objects, and tiny bits of metal –screws, scraps, nuts, and bolts– are elegantly displayed on pedestals […]

International Friendship Exhibition | Opening Reception – Wednesday, December 3, 2014 | 5 PM “For as opposed to it, identity is only the determination of the simple immediate, of dead Being; while contradiction is the root of all movement and life; only insofar as it has a contradiction in itself does anything move…” – Georg Wilhelm […]

You’ve exhibited in Shanghai, London, and Miami. How does traveling and exploring influence your creation process?  When I travel I completely change my mind about what I’m doing. I come back with all of these new perceptions and my mind is changed. And they’re not just ideas—it’s more about theories that I conclude from observing […]

Abracadabra is an exhibition of over a hundred works that culminates with a live drawing in which every ticket holder goes home with an original piece of art. Tickets start at $375. Each Abracadabra ticket purchased will guarantee the bearer to go home with a work of art valued at greater than the ticket price. […]