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Multimedia artist Jessy Nite’s interpretation of her Miami, her hometown, includes strippers, sex, drugs and blue-blooded housewives baking Cartier pie. For her solo show opening at Miami’s Primary Projects on Saturday, Jessy Nite can, and will, be as bad as she wanna be… Your first solo show opens on February 11th. Are you ready? I [...]

For her upcoming solo exhibition, ‘Bad As I Want To Be,’ Jessy Nite is transforming the Primary Projects space into a orgy of sex, money, and drugs. Since those things are awesome, we decided to stop by the work in progress to ask her how it was coming along… Jessy Nite has been working with [...]

Words by Heike Dempster Miru Kim’s not the only lady who’s gotten naughty at Primary Projects. With her solo show opening February 11, artist Jessy Nite sinks her teeth into the seedy world of the rich. According to Nite, the title “Bad As I Wanna Be” is about more than just partying and “being badass.” [...]

Bad as I Wanna Be | A Solo Exhibit of NEW Works from Jessy Nite | Opening Reception, Saturday, February 11, 2012 | 7 – 11 PM Private Collectors Preview | Friday, February 10, 2012 | 6 – 9 PM | rsvp@primaryprojectspace.com As the opening exhibition of the 2012 season, Primary PROJECTS presents Jessy Nite’s [...]