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Words by Shelly Davidov Known as a venue friendly to local artists, Primary Projects doesn’t disappoint with its Art Basel gathering of Miami creatives. The “International Friendship Exhibition”, a group show of 19 artists, including Autumn Casey, Jim Drain, Gavin Perry, Asif Farooq, Magnus Sodamin, Cole Sternberg, Cody Hudson, and Michael Vasquez, is titled in reference to […]

Words by Monica Uszerowicz “The function of the Christ is not to rescue the sinners, but to empower you…to be more deeply and fully human than you ever realized there was the potential within you to be.”  December 3, 2014. The quote above is from a video interview with the retired Episcopalian bishop John Shelby […]

PRIMARY PRESENTS KENTON PARKER’S “MY FIRST KISS”   |  Made possible by Samsung  OPENING RECEPTION : MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2014  |  9 – 11 PM INSTALLATION ON VIEW DECEMBER 2 – 7, 2014 | 11 AM – 10 PM Miami, FL (November 25, 2014) – Primary Projects (“PRIMARY”) presents Kenton Parker’s My First Kiss, made possible by […]

International Friendship Exhibition | Opening Reception – Wednesday, December 3, 2014 | 5 PM “For as opposed to it, identity is only the determination of the simple immediate, of dead Being; while contradiction is the root of all movement and life; only insofar as it has a contradiction in itself does anything move…” – Georg Wilhelm […]

Words & Photography by : Monica Uszerowicz Far too many analogies have been drawn between human existence and sport: the need to stay in the game, the drive and force it takes to never give up, the fraught, thin line between winning and losing and what each signify. Few can make the comparison as eloquently […]

Interviewed by : Stef Vidal Primary Projects presents Contender, a selection of new works from Kenton Parker during Art Basel Miami at their new project space in Downtown Miami. In a solo show dedicated to self-portraiture through sculpture, painting, installation and photography, the artist challenges the viewer with a swell of raw emotions. On location at Milk Studios (Los Angeles), Parker calls on long-time […]