KENTMany art fairs feel like overwhelming malls, filled with too many people and not enough interesting art.  Which is why Scope stands out as being a different kind of experience all together.  The SCOPE Art Show is one of the art world’s most monumental fair experiences in that it hosts special programming that is outside of the mainstream.  These occasions are rare for a large enterprise as big as Scope, which is exactly why people should be clamoring to get in.  This March the fair is slated to feature work from sixteen different countries, as such this year’s show will undoubtedly prove to be an event not to miss.

Most notable are this years’ site-specific installations curated especially for SCOPE attendees.  The Special Programs feature is a two-fold program—featuring works of self-triumph and unyielding insecurity combined with spiritual fetishism and a desire for things lost.  These special realms of the SCOPE Pavilion are curated by gallery-elites such as Primary Projects (Miami) and A.M.F Projects (NYC). More than a corner-booth or center-stage, these spaces within the Pavilion are inflated with both performance and awe.

A.M.F Projects is proud to present an over-woven installation of work by artist and Interfaith Minister Reverend Lainie Love Dalby entitled The Diamond Den. Love’s world, injected with pop culture references, welcomes the viewer into a world of self-examination that gives way to an experience of erotic introspection. The Diamond Den thus functions as post-coital monologue with the inner self.  Confronting her audience with invigorating scents and lulling soundscapes, Reverend Lanie Love looks to create a space where one is comfortable in their raw vulnerability, in a manner in which few people are.

Nearly antipodal to Love’s sphere of bold self-seduction lies Kenton Parker’s Infinity Trophy Room, curated by the Miami gallery, PrimaryProjects. Parker too explores the depths of introspection but also eggs us on to confront our own obsessions with victory; and in the case of the less fortunate, the lack thereof.

Fresh off a re-branding campaign, The SCOPE Art Show will be running from March 7th and thought the 11th in the SCOPE Pavilion on 12th Avenue, just across from the Armory. Showing artwork from over 55 galleries. And this year promises to be the best yet.


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