17_typoe_1651Words by Ily Goyanes

By the very nature of things, Typoe is an outlaw. He, and in turn we, cannot really divulge information about who he is, where he is, how he is, and so on, because it could literally throw his ass in jail or worse. Notorious graffiti artist, co-founder of visionary art house Primary Flight, respected and gallery-exhibited visual artist – Typoe is all these things. Yet, you will never find him exposing himself either literally or figuratively – his face hides behind a bandito-style bandana and his soul hides behind his work. Typoe reveals himself only through his art. And that is enough.

“What I can tell you is that I’ve gone through a lot of struggles and have pushed life to the maximum limits in every way possible. I do as much as I can in terms of reaching goals I set for myself, and value the people I have around me. I love art and in looking toward the future, it is the driving force in my life.”

1. List five things that inspire you.
In order of importance:
-Shiny things
-Southern gangster rap

2. What was your last big project?
My last major project was Primary Flight during Art Basel in December. The streets and our artists’ murals were really well-received, and we launched Primary Projects, our new creative space in the Design District. Everything has been happening so quickly that it’s hard to keep track. I’m just looking forward to the future, planning what we’re going to implement in the city and soon, internationally. We have a lot of work to do and are excited to keep things fresh and new.

3. What’s your next big project?
March is a big month. I’ll be showing at Scope art fair in New York next month, and I have a solo exhibition at Locust Projects opening during the art walk on March 12. Also, during the art walk we are having an amazing group installation at our Primary Projects space in the design district called “Para Mi Gente.” If you happen to be in Los Angeles on April 14, we are doing a Primary Projects pop-up space in West Hollywood with a really awesome group exhibition. After that, I’m going to eat some gummy bears and write on things.

4. Why do you do what you do?
I feel Iike I was born to do this stuff. I’m alive to build, create and write on things that don’t belong to me. Working and collaborating with other Iike-minded people is what makes me happy so I just keep on doing it.

5. What’s something you want Miami to know about you?
I hope when people see my name in the street that it leaves them with a happy thought. 

What’s something you don’t want Miami to know about you?
I plead the fifth on this one.



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