nite2Words by Heike Dempster

Miru Kim’s not the only lady who’s gotten naughty at Primary Projects. With her solo show opening February 11, artist Jessy Nite sinks her teeth into the seedy world of the rich.

According to Nite, the title “Bad As I Wanna Be” is about more than just partying and “being badass.” She says, “I pretty much do whatever I want in life, and I think that’s always the goal, but the show is also about getting to finally do the projects I always wanted to do. This is my own personal side of it. It’s about the whole attitude of just doing it.” Nite’s last Primary Projects appearance included her piece “Hell Here,” for the group show “His Wife, Her Lover,” an experiential piece featuring a live stripper. Nite always brings her outspoken and uninhibited persona to her art, disregarding useless limitations to create happy art with a naughty edge.

Nite, who has adopted Miami as her home, is as bright and colorful as her art, yet she is the epitome of cool. For the solo show, she pushed her boundaries, encouraged by Typoe and Chris Oh of Primary Projects, to go beyond painting and experiment with her art to include installations and sculptures. Inspired by sex, drugs, and money, “Bad As I Wanna Be,” is an examination of Miami life with all its vices, explored in paintings such as the “Money-Hungry” series. Envision a “super rich, really delusional housewife deciding to make something one day,” as Jessy describes the scenario. “They don’t cook, so she would be like, ‘Oh, this is going to be the best pie ever, let’s use the Cartier!'”

Blinged-out cookies and Cartier-pie are just one aspect of a show inspired by “how over the top rich people are,” Jessy says. “I have always been really interested in that super over-the-top-wealth, cause they are so fucked up. They have so much money. Most of them are, like, pill-popping housewives — they just marry some rich dude. That’s, like, my dream: marry some super-rich dude and just kind of like waste away. I could never do that though. I am not that kind of person.”

She’s no pill-popping housewife, but Nite’s exhibit will take you on a trip. Of course we can’t tell you all the secrets that Jessy has in store for the show, but we can reveal that the title piece, “Bad As I Wanna Be,” includes a bed, mirrors, and most likely, you.


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