Natology on Kenton Parker’s “My First Kiss”


Words by Nathaly Charria

There are few places I’d like to escape to, immerse myself within, and melt into my arms for all time. Nestled within the back garden of the Soho Beach House Miami, Los Angeles-based artist Kenton Parker created a sanctuary to adolescent romance. Throughout the chaos of Art Basel Miami 2014, Parker’s treehouse was host to hatching cocoons, monarch butterflies, and teeny tiny ragers in a 4×4 space that felt like home. Parker is known for his site-specific projects that radiate with a nostalgic energy that actually transcends time and space.

Alongside the sounds of Nirvana I doodled butterflies and flowers on the wall, laid back and entered a dreamworld where Parker and Bill Nye traveled across galaxies. Thank you my dear friend for this absolutely beautiful experience. This is my favorite piece of Art Basel Miami 2014 and a contender in the category for all time. I hope to see this piece in a very special collection, preferably in a place where I can escape from time to time into the memory of My First Kiss .


4 Tree House Interior

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