RETNA.SILVERliningOne of our most popular covers of 2010, RETNA, will have a big exhibition in conjunction with Primary Projects at Art Basel Miami this month. That’s right, RETNA’s show is not just a one week gig, he has a full exhibition titled Silver Lining on display through January 30, 2011.
As we were last year, we are part of the Primary Flight festivities, so go pick up a Juxtapoz there if you are wandering by.

Here is a quick summary of what Primary Flight is all about:

Primary Flight’s annual project is the world’s largest event of its kind. Primary Flight features over 250 world class artists from around the globe, the majority of whom travel to Miami for Art Basel. Artists from all walks of contemporary art headline our annual event. Artists collaborate on high profile walls throughout Miami’s urban landscape. Maps outlining the installation are circulated, providing patrons with an opportunity to view the works in progress.


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