CPWords by Omar Sommereyns

It’s no secret anymore that the curators at Primary Projects have been organizing some of the most forward-thinking gallery shows in town since the space’s inception. So now that BooksIIII Bischof, Typoe, and Chris Oh — Primary’s three local visionaries — have decided to put together an expansive group show of more than 46 artists and 400 works, it behooves us to at least take a look, even if some pieces are going to be better than others. This exhibition is hung salon-style, commingling both emerging and more prominent artists, and refers to the dissidents of 1863 Paris (including Édouard Manet and his then-controversial “Luncheon on the Grass“), who assembled their own expo after being “rejected” by the jury of the official Paris Salon. While they’re now accepted — and even admired — by the art establishment, the Primary guys were somewhat alienated at one point or another, mainly because of their backgrounds in street art or their supposedly “lowbrow” approach and a generally subversive nature. Some of the highlights here include pieces by Christina Pettersson, Felice Grodin, Manny Prieres, Tatiana Suarez, Magnus Sodamin, Brandon Opalka, and Douglas Hoekzema, but really, just go check out the show and judge for yourself.

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