Infinity Trophy Room | A installation from Kenton Parker on view at the entry to Scope New York | March 7 – 11, 2012

Exclusively created for SCOPE New York 2012, Primary Projects presents Kenton Parker’s ‘Infinity Trophy Room’. This New York trophy room installation literally reflects multiplying images of the embodiment of physical and mental dominance, the illusion of triumph and the ultimate gesture to mask the deepest insecurities and failures of the individual. For Parker, the trophy elucidates a dual nature of victory and defeat: the victorious have their own hubris, their self-assurance of accomplishment rendered in a cheaply made statuette while the ‘losers’ are often the real winners who simply go unrecognized for their efforts. The essence of peer group competition and the psychology of a phallic symbol of pride are at play within the network of Parker’s trophies. Artistic achievement (popularized by the Oscars or Tony Awards) is called to mind as a politicized issue that seems to rely more on awarding those with underhanded agendas versus a testament to creative genius. As a whole, this imposing group of trophies act simultaneously as reliquaries of ability and sportsmanship and reminders of the vulnerability that lies beneath.

Primary Projects is a multidisciplinary space, positioned at the heart of Miami’s Design District, which aims to explore and promote multiple forms of aesthetic expression from established and emerging artists, alike. Utilizing extensive, and wholly specific, experience in producing street-level curatorial endeavors in Miami, the creative forces behind Primary Projects unites the commercial and critical efforts of artists, critics, curators, professionals and patrons; the result is the vital presence of an intelligent, alternative arts environment with an bold urban sensibility delivered through a diverse range of media.

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