Primary Projects Presents : Hell Here | An Occurrence by Jessy Nite

Cloaked in darkness and at the end of a bender, we find moments many have consumed and forgotten. Jessy Nite assembles this rock bottom peak for an audience of one, the recreation of a seedier moment in life. Welcome to the contemporary confessional, where your sins are washed clean from the moment you climb out of our gutter. Intimately cataloged for more reasons than one, Let her ease your pain. Don’t tell anyone. This moment belongs to us. Doctor patient confidentiality. Cleanse me quickly, faster, its now our burden to bare. Your free drugs, my loud music, over indulgence and our undying need for excess. Why is it always about you and never about me? I am tired, I need to go home. Feel better now? Relieved? Don’t forget to cover your face on your way out that door. Enjoy.

On September 10, 2011, from 7 – 11 PM, Jessy Nite assembled a one night performance piece that debuted in the Cranny Project Room during the “His WIFE & Her LOVER” Exhibit. The following are images from that experience by Miami’s own Nefarious Girl, Jipsy. Taken in the first person point of view to document one experience but the over all occurrence in general. Each Patron paid an entry fee and received a private encounter while listening to a sound mix on headphones in sync with her private performer.