El Salvador in Celebration

In November 2014, Primary was invited to travel to El Salvador to conduct studio visits with 16 Salvadoran artists as well as give an informal talk for the Marte Contemporary. Something magical is happening in El Salvador. What we found was enlightening. The Salvadoran artists are proud of their heritage and through the insecurity created by the aftermath of their civil war, these artists continue to stand proud and develop noteworthy works of art that act as a voice for the country they call home.

Primary would like to thank Mario Cader-Frech and Claire Breukel for providing such an amazing opportunity. We would like to thank Lucas Arevalo and Luis Ibarra for helping us communicate and build. Most importantly we would like to thank the Salvadoran artists for taking the time to meet with us, you all are an inspiration.

We look forward to our next visit.

For more information please visit: martecontemporary.org

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