Primary Projects presents RANEYTOWN, an ominously joyful solo exhibition from Miami native, New York-based artist Rebeca Raney.

Through a myriad collection of ink drawings, paintings on panel, and a full scale life size installation, RANEYTOWN transports you immediately to a Darger-esque world of the artists imagination. Upon entry, surrounded by an installation in motion, realizing you are now at the center of a prank, you relax into a playful world run solely by the sculptures themselves. Raney explains, “Basically the sculptures do as they please. They live in this land of leisure” which is directly influenced by Raney’s emotional connection to what she makes at every fleeting moment.

Just past the boundaries of the RANEYTOWN havoc, you pass through a short corridor into a meticulously curated, museum quality exhibition, truly showcasing the artists’ range through a collection of drawings and paintings. A memory filled room, where paintings mimic photographs; capturing moments of fun, fauna, magic, mischief, labor, and love.

In a special collaboration with Madewell, Raney’s imagery will also debut in a limited edition fashion collection at Primary Projects, and at Madewell stores in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Raney’s signature backwards-facing llamas and intricate floral elements provide the inspiration for a luxurious cashmere sweater, pendant necklace, silk top, scarf and custom leather transport tote. Dubbed “Boutique by RANEYTOWN,” the gallery’s pop-up will feature the complete Rebeca Raney x Madewell collection, along with treasures including bronze figurines, hand-painted paper rocks, letterpress stationary and more.

Opening Reception – December 6, 2012 : 6 – 10 PM   ||||   Exhibition duration – Dec 6, 2012 – Jan 24, 2013

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The vintage-meets-modern influence of the line draws from Madewell’s historic roots as a workwear company. In addition to denim, a full range of downtown-cool clothing and accessories is also on offer. Each Madewell piece has an easy-going feel and is designed to pare back to denim to create an individual, inspired look. Madewell tries to set each store apart from the others by gearing the props, styling, art and even furniture to the history of the building or town that we are in.

photography by | Javier Ordonez