Primary Projects presents Autumn Casey for Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

As a self-confessed assembler of ‘metaphors’ and a mirror to the unusual happenings in the urban world, Autumn Casey combines seemingly random elements into a dedicated spectacle; one which heightens the power of the unscrupulous and lures the public into the lesser-known regions of cultural ephemera.

For the 11th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, Casey will engage in a bold, disquieting performance project: she will situate herself very quietly in public, crowded spaces (this will be highlighted as she moves among art patrons at the Miami Beach Convention Center and related art fair-venues), whereupon she will scream suddenly, passionately for as long as she is physically and psychologically able. This ‘guerrilla’ performance will play upon the inherent fears and behaviors of the masses and how a primal, instinctive act becomes a gesture perceived as stupidity, bravery, sadness or pure irrationality. Casey will document these singular events and the reactions (or lack thereof) of those surrounding her. Whatever the consequences of her actions may be, Casey will prove that human beings still acknowledge and are fascinated by one another regardless of their individual conditions.

Autumn Casey was born in Dallas, Texas and graduated from the New World School of the Arts with a focus on Sculpture. Her work has been featured as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s (North Miami) Open Process: New Work from Miami Artists and her short film ‘Getting Rid of all My Shoes’ was acquired by the museum’s permanent collection from her participation in Optic Nerve XII. Her work was also featured in the critically-acclaimed multimedia exhibition ‘Weird Miami’ at the Bas Fisher Invitational and at David Castillo Gallery’s ‘Open’. Casey lives and works in Miami.

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