Kenton Parker is showcasing some new work at a good friend of ours, Jacqueline Falcone’s new space. Excited to see what comes of this project, if you are in the neighborhood, setting up a private viewing is well worth your time. Read further for the official statement and release from Falcone. Enjoy.

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My bedroom is a private space and its accessibility is determined by only me. ┬áIt is the only area which I can consider my own personal space, a region surrounding me which I can regard as my own. I value my personal (and at times, confidential) space and sometimes feel discomfort, anger, and anxiety when it is encroached upon. Exploring (or as an exploration of) this exclusivity, I allow peers and their art work in with the hope that they benefit from and are informed by the space’s inherent intimacy.

The Jacqueline Falcone Bed & Breakfast’s first exhibition, titled Marriage, Blood, and Adaptation and opening October 12, 2012, will explore the concept of family. The artists’ interpretations, physical and metaphorical, represent my own idea of family: a unit formed not exclusively by blood-an allegory for those ideals that I aim to live by. My bedroom, much like the selection of works in the exhibition, celebrates a need for love, fulfillment, and trust.

I am transforming what once was only mine into a place where others are welcome. The bedroom not only serves as an exhibition space, but also as a bed and breakfast in which one may spend the night. Guests pay a fee to stay in the exhibition for one night, have breakfast, and check out.

Please join me on October 12th at:

1040 NE 82nd Street
Miami, FL 33138

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