PP – No Really, What the fuck is the point to all this?

AC – to alleviate boredom, i think.

PP – Can you give me an honest response to this grouping of words – Fist Pumping, High Energy, Should be Sexy, Chic, and Electroish.

AC – Discos

PP – Your works are conceptual, what is the tipping point where you actually begin to make?

AC – More so I put things together, like metaphors- rather then make things- which is essentially making things anyway- I figure out a way to actually manifest the thoughts physically though pretty much whenever some one asks me to.

PP – What is the attraction to Nicholas Cage Jesus?

AC – Well i think that Nicolas Cage is a genius. I have recently embarked on a quest to own every movie he has ever made. I think the span of his career could be considered close to pure ‘performance art’ – he makes every role completely his own and he kind of looks like Jesus, so I just photoshopped his head onto some Jesus pictures for fun.

PP – You are sealed in a house. No windows, No Doors, No Chimney, No Basement, No Food. No traditional way out of this tiny home. Inside the house you have a Four Legged Table and a Mirror. How do you get out of the house?

AC – Hope that the Princess of Death shows up and escape to the underworld through the mirror.

PP – Wayne’s World One or Two?


PP – Who / What are your greatest inspirations?

AC – Oh god

PP – Can you supply us with your favorite recipe?

AC – See attached photo


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